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pumpkin the 2004 halloween westwater trip:
Brian walks his dunnage to the launch rampthank you colorado river
Which Niggas went:?
Our fearless Trip Leader: Joe Kinney
Junior DeLa Hobson, Mike and Toby
Soopatrip and the Squirrel, Davanzo LeDouche
Brian Smith, Chad Friday
Ian Schofield and Elisa Felton
Greg Casto (with 8 person paddle rig)
Justin + Robyn Korkus

Shuttle and Logistical details:

Put-In: From Colorado, 4-miles west of the Utah border on I-70,
take the Westwater exit, take a left at the end of the offramp and go under the bridge.
Stay on the paved/dirt road 8.3 miles to the put-in (keep left at the fork at 4.8 miles).

From Colorado, exit Cisco, left under highway, then right on frontage road. 
Follow the frontage road 5.2 miles to Cisco, then turn left, just before the buildings in Cisco, (dirt road).
Continue 4.9 miles of dirt road, bare left at "Y" and continue to takeout.

From the put-in, drive 3.5 miles to the fork in the road, bare left, (dirt) and drive 4 miles.
The road goes under I-70, then turn right (east), and right again to circle back around to parallel I-70 west.
Get on highway, go 7.1 miles to Cisco exit.

Run Description: best done as an overniter, but easily run as a kayak day run.
The first 7 miles are flat with some class II and III rapids.
Little D is the first major rapid, then some more flat water before Marble Canyon.
Once the boater starts Marble Canyon, the rapids come one after another.
Above 5,000 cfs, the vertical rock walls which reach down into the water, make stopping or rescue difficult.
Funnel Falls comes up quickly, then a few more pool-drop style rapids lead to Skull rapid and the Room of Doom.
Scout Skull rapid from river left.
Skull rapid is easily ID'd by the talus on river left, smooth rock wall on river right and the distinct left hand angle in Marble Canyon below the rapid. Just below Skull rapid on the right is the Room of Doom, where a large eddy swirls around.
Rafts, duckies and dead cows and goat have been known to get stuck in this whirlpool.
Most boats and boaters should avoid this whirlpool above 4,000 cfs.
Below Skull rapid are Bowling Alley, Sock-it-to-me, and Last Chance Rapids.
Below Last Chance rapid is 6 miles of flatwater to the takeout. Woo hoo.
At high water, 20,000 cfs, many of these rapids disappear, and huge eddy lines appear to challenge boaters.
This is a great late season run, and has big water characteristics year-round.

Party with your pants off.


Theres only 10 campsites in Westwater Canyon.

Campsites are assigned at the ranger station at launch time with consideration given to group size. 

Camp Availability at various Water Stages Comments
Low Medium High
1 Miners Cabin 124.0 YES YES YES  
2 Upper Cougar Bar 121.8 YES YES NO  
3 Cougar Bar 121.6 YES NO NO  
4 Little Hole 121.8 YES YES YES Camping on upper bench only at all stages
5 Little Dolores (upper) 120.5 YES YES YES Good Large Group Campsite
6 Little Dolores (lower) 120.4 YES YES YES Located just below first stage of rapid (east side)
7 Hades Bar 120.1 YES YES NO Small campsite at medium water stage - wind protection
8 Big Hole 116.0 YES YES YES Camping on upper bench only except at low stage
9 Big Horn 114.0 YES YES YES  
10 Bald Eagle 113.0 YES YES YES  

Rapids - Rapids - Rapids



Water Stages
Cubic Feet Per Second

Intermediate, Standard, Technical

3000 & 
Wild Horse 124 I I I I I  
Little Dolores 120 S S S S I  
Marble Canyon 119 S S I S I  
Staircase 118.8 S S I S I  
Big Hummer 118.2 S S S S I  
Funnel Falls 118.2 S S S T S  
Surprise 117.6 S S S T I  
Rapid (no name) 117.5 I I I I I  
Skull (Cisco Bend) 117.4 T S T S T Skull Rapid becomes very technical below 1,000 and over 30,000
Bowling Alley 117.2 S I I I I  
Sock-It-To-Me 117.0 S S I I I  
Last Chance 116.7 S S S I I  

when are we doing what?
The Schedule:
Launch: Saturday, October 30 - Westwater Launch Ramp, Colorado
Run: 17 miles
Take out: Sunday October 31 - Cisco Boat Ramp, Utah
* Crazy Joe Kinney has  secured a launch permit for 19 people on xxx200x   *
full trip payment $98.00 was due in the BLM office by xxxxx. PAID!

Friday 29 October
- drive shuttle vehicles to Cisco, then back to put-in and camp at Westwater Launch Ramp

Saturday 30 October - meet ranger and get the campsite for our group, rig and load boats, pass ranger inspection
Launch! float into canyon, setup camp and Halloween Party begins.
Sunday 31 October - run the canyon,
takeout at Cisco, packup, then roll on home.

Be ready for:  skullcaps, pogies, balaclava, rain, shit, hail, wind, piss, snow and ... some sun.

Whoop Whoop!

soopatrip getting Jiggy

Westwater Details:

Westwater Canyon moves across the Colorado and Utah borders,
    meandering through black shist, and colorful sandstone.  
The canyons curl, and bend and carve through the desert canyons, and leave you changed.

Geologic Features

The black, uplifted rocks in the canyon (metamorphic granite gneisses) represent the oldest exposed formations in eastern Utah (1.75 billion years).
These black rocks are of pre-Cambrian age. The highest pre-Cambrian Gneiss cliffs reach approximately 200 feet above Skull Rapid.
Above the black rock are the multicolored layers of the Chinle formation and the massive, smooth, reddish-brown cliffs of the Wingate sandstone, both of the Triassic age.


Many species of wildlife inhabit the canyon.
Those most often seen are: Canada geese, great blue heron, ducks, beaver, eagles (autumn and spring), and song birds.

Natural Features

A small seasonal waterfall is located on the Little Dolores River about 200 yards upstream form its confluence with the Colorado River.
Several small natural arches are located just below Star Canyon along the skyline.
beer yakersWestwater Brain Trust

Historical Features and Legends

The "miner's cabin" is located on river left at the entrance to Westwater Canyon.
This dugout, log, and rock structure was built in the early 1900s by miners who sought gold in the gravel beds adjacent to the river.
\The area was worked again during the 1930s.

The so-called "outlaw cave" is perched a short distance above the river on river left below the Hades Bar campsite.
According to one legend, two brothers robbed a bank in Vernal and hid here for 18 months.
Approximately half a mile farther down the canyon on river left, a rock cairn supposedly marks the grave of one of the brothers.

Westwater: shuttle companies usually about $60.00/vehiclematt D

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