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Information listed has been compiled by Charles Delma Irwin, with the help of:
Craig Irwin, Ruth Irwin, Hilma Irwin Christy (of Murray, Kentucky), Steve Lee (of the Andrew Oliver Davis line) and Lula Ruth Davis.

celctic round In Ireland, Irwin means "vine". celctic round
and so grows the vine from Ireland to the modern day.


The ending of the name, Irwin, "win" comes from the Anglo Saxon word "wine" which interprets to "friend".

One purposed origin of the name Irwin comes from "Eorforwine", interpreted as "boar-friend" from a hunting tradition.

The name in Ireland owes its presence to the Plantation period in Irish History.

David Irwin adds:

As to the Irwin's being landed gentry;
In general, landed gentry in the Irish context has signified Anglo-Irish Ascendancy, and the Irwin's were never part of that select clique. 
At best, those who owned land were a tiny minority- the bulk of Irwins (and spelling variants) have occupied various professions and trades throughout the centuries over here.
The Irwin Clan - of the landed Irish Gentry

Irish Clan of Irwin

A little bit about what it means to be from the South:
Being from the South, you must know something about the Confederate and Union Armies that embattled the region in the early forming years of the Unites States of America.

Most folks dont know much about Georgia or its history, but, in 1861 Georgia Seceded from the Union

 Heres a map of the Confederacy
the maxon dixon line

And now, on to the famous folks of the Irwin family tree!

Lavonia Shackleford Irwin
Lavonia Shackleford Irwin

John Stephen Davis:

John Stephen Davis
John Stephen Davis was the Father of Myrtle D. Irwin, the Grandfather of Ruth Irwin Hale.

This next picture is Papa John with all the girls
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Cyrus Irwin

Cyrus Shackelford Irwin, as a young man
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Cyrus and Myrtle 1912
Cyrus and Myrtleand Cyrus S. Irwin as an elder.


Tracing the Irwin line through the bride of Cyrus S. Irwin: born: 03/31/1886 - died: 03/31/1946

Johnnie Myrtle Davis Irwin Overby:
born: 05/07/1894  (died: 07/11/1992)

Israel Davis married Jane Oliver.
They had four children, who were:
1 - Sarah Ann Davis
2 - Martha Jane Davis
3 - Andrew Jackson Davis ( who married Susan Wright Davis)
4 - James Thomas Davis
Andrew Jackson Davis and Susan Wright Davis
    They had seven children
1- James Israel Davis -born 10/05/1855
2- John Stephen Davis-born between James and Andrew
3- Andrew Oliver Davis - born 05/16/1861
4- Joseph Bedford Davis
5- George W. Davis
6- Leon Thurston Davis
7- ?

John Stephen Davis married Mary Lura (Minnie) Middlebrooks - married 01/08/1880 
Mary Lura was born: 08/21/1859, (died: 08/23/1900)
Mary's parents were Rufus B. Middlebrooks & Julia A. J. Pridgen
    They had eight girls that lived:
            twin girls, one girl died, and Mary Lura, who died of Typhoid. circa 1901

All born in Wilcox county, Alabama County seat = Camden

(Some of the photographs carry the name Wallace & Bruce)

1- Annie

2- Clara
3- Lula
4- Maizy (Macie)
5- Evelyn (Evie)
6- Ora
7- Johnnie Myrtle Davis Irwin Overby, born: 05/07/1894  died: 07/11/1992 - she at 98 years old
8- Camile or Camilla


Johnnie Myrtle Davis married Cyrus S. Irwin in Mobile, Alabama, on July 3, 1912
    They had six children.

The children of Johnnie Myrtle Davis Irwin and Cyrus S. Irwin:

1. Hilma Lucille Marie Irwin Christy, born: 08/04/1913, Murray, Kentucky
2. Cyrus Delma Irwin, born: 08/07/1915, died:12/19/2003, Riverside, California
3. John Robert Irwin, born: 03/24/1918, died: 02/11/1988
4. Ruth Marie Irwin Hudgens Hale, born: 02/18/1925, Murray, Kentucky
5. Ramond Earl Irwin, born: 07/01/1929, died: 12/19/1989 Hemet, California
6. Edward Eugene, born: 11/14/1930, Clarkesville, Tennessee

Cyrus S. Irwin had 14 brothers and sisters. Frank and Sardis were two brothers who practiced law in Birmingham, Alabama.

Siblings of Cyrus S. Irwin:
Frank (whom never married)
Sardis (whom married and is reported to have children)

Ruth notes...

Ruth says:  "Stay active and keep your mind."

Send me flowers while I'm alive, they aint no good once I'm dead.
click image for full size version
Ruth says that twins run in the family
Ruths son Edward Hutchins likes to build carsclick to see the 1940'eds1940nashcoupe.jpg, special carsclick here to see the 1930'eds1930blkstrod.jpg

Then, Cyrus Delma Irwin married Edna Aileen Silvers Irwin in 1937
They had one son, Charles Delma Irwin, born: 09/22/1938, Birmingham, Alabama
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Charles Delma Irwin grew up, enlisted in the US ARMY
and then married Carey Josephine Earnest Irwin, born: 02/07/1940 Houston, Texas

Chuck and Jo in the Wyoming high countryChuck married Josephine on March 30, 1963, in Carrollton, Georgia

Chuck and Jo Irwin have one son and one daughter:

Craig Daniel Irwin, born: 1969, Austell, GeorgiaCraig is a viking

Kathryn Meredith Irwin, born: 1971, Atlanta, Georgia

Craig Daniel Irwin married Leslee Taylor Alexander in April 2005
They have one daughter:
Taylor Meredith Irwin, born August 2005click to see Taylor

John Robert Irwin married Anny Odell Barksdale, born: 06/05/1920  (died: 08/12/1973)

John & Anny had three sons

1- John Howard Irwin, born: 05/22/1943, Metro Birmingham, Alabama
2- James Terry Irwin, born: 05/07/1947
3- David Wayne Irwin, born: 09/03/1952

John Howard Irwin married Deborah Sue Irwin, born: 05/09/1951

John and Deborah had two children:
1- John Howard Irwin II, born: 01/17/1969
2- Karen Michelle Irwin, born: 08/29/1974

John Howard Irwin II married Tabitha Jones Irwin, born: 11/19/1969

They had two sons
1- Kodey Austin Irwin, born: 04/30/1992
2- Jacob Tyler Irwin, born: 09/12/1995
James Terry Irwin married Sara Jane Anthony Irwin, born: 12/13/1946
They have one daughter, and two sons.
1-Sherry Denise Irwin Whited, born: 03/05/1966
2-James Robert Irwin, born: 12/03/1968
3-Robert Anthony Irwin, born: 01/12/1972

David Wayne Irwin, born: 09/03/1952
Clara Eoline Crawford Irwin, born: 05/03/1956

one Son, Nicholas Wayne Irwin, born: 05/02/1981

Robert Anthony Irwin, (son of James Terry Irwin) married Nancy Michelle Robinson Irwin, born: 11/04/1972.

They have one daughter:

    Crystan Rose Irwin, born: 03/18/1995

Daughter of James Terry Irwin, Sherry Denise, married Phillip Alan Whited.

They have 2 sons:

Bobby Alan Whited, born: 06/06/1989
James Robert Whited, born: 09/05/1990
Daughter of John Howard Irwin, Karen Michelle Irwin married Kevin Dye born: ___?

They have one daughter and one son:

Kristin T. Dye, born: 06/29/1990
John Michael Dye, born: 01/16/1998

additional notes: Tue, 19 Feb 2002

A volunteer at the Gordon County Library told Chuck Irwin that those Shackelfords that were in the CSA with the Alabama 43rd Infantry, & the Mississippi Infantry, 2nd Battalion, were not in Georgia...
That began to make sense, considering the move of the Shackelfords from Elbert County, Georgia to Fayette County, Alabama, and Lamar County, Alabama, next to each other near the Mississippi border.

The best known history of Robert Broadnax Irwin, begins with his father, who was a General who drowned in the Chattahoochee River in 1849, when he jumped from the burning steamer "Ham Smith".

His mother must have been dead.

How do we know?
In the 1860 US Census, Robert Broadnax shows up with the Noland family in Lamar County, Alabama, aged 24, a music student.
When the General died, he must have left instruction for his then 13 year old son Robert to be cared for by the Noland family of South Carolina.
Considering that the clues from the 1880 census show that Robert Broadnax's father was from South Carolina, there are three
clues from the DAR records.
Robert Irwin, born circa 1740, died 3-6-1796, South Carolina, married Agnes Campbell Irwin
2- Samuel Irwin, born 1753, South Carolina died 2-19-1803, married Martha Wickham Marion.
3- Irwin, William, born circa 1734 VA, died 5-20-1814 South Carolina, married  Sallie Ross.
-Next stop, DAR Shackelfords, Alabama, + Fayette Co, & Lamar Co records, with a stop at Birmingham Public Library.

-Volunteer at Gordon County Library told Chuck that the records attest to the fact that William Tecumseh Sherman, upon reaching the Court House in Calhoun, Georgia, ordered all the records to be piled onto the square & burned. 
That was Sherman's early demonstration of what was to be in store for Atlanta, and the path of fire, 60 miles wide, all the way to the ocean at Savannah, Georgia.  That Sherman was an A-S-S-H-O-L-E !

according to the following  web page

The most common spellings seems to have been Eryvine, Erivine or Erevine until the 11th century and after the Norman invasion, the dominant spelling became "de Irwyn." (The "de" was in vogue at the time). 
In 1124 King David granted the feudal superiority of Annandale to the Norman family of de Brus and for the first time in history, the Irvings, being part of the Royal Family, were not directly responsible to the king for their lands but had to suffer the indignity of being subjects of suzerainty. 
They were vassels for four centuries, first under the Bruces and finally achieving independence under the Johnsons.

Robert de Bruce descended from a daughter of David Erevine, Earl of Huntingdon, brother to William, King of Scotland.
Robert de Bruce, during his struggle to become King, befriended William de Irwyn of Bonshaw.  William became a close confidant and armor bearer for Robert and for his twenty years of faithful service was awarded 10,000 acres in the "Forest of Oakes" and the Castle of Drum.  Granted in 1323 and made a free barony the following year, Drum castle remained in the Irvine family until 1975 when it was deeded to the National Trust of Scotland for its preservation.
This is thoroughly documented in "Burkes Landed Gentry" and readily available at any good library.

In the 14th century the name changed from de Irwyn to Irving in the south of Scotland, Irving Parish, and to Irvine in Aberdeenshire in the north. Shortly thereafter a branch of the Irving family took the spelling of Irwin and by the end of the 16th century, there were at least seven names, Ervin being the sixth most common.  These new names are believed to have all been generated in the southern part of Scotland, in and around Irving Parish.  The Clan Irwin Association has now identified over two hundred fifty spellings of the name.

Special Addendum and Tribute to Cyrus Delma Irwin, 1915 - 2003
Warrior patriot, my grandfather was a double decorated Purple Heart Veteran of World War II.
Del stood against the rage of Hitler, and was part of the invading forces that stormed the beach at Nebraska, he took shrapnel in the leg, then was taken to a hospital ship and later returned to join his troop.

My grandfather was second off the boat at the beaches of Normandy, the soldier in front of him took a high caliber bullet to the forehead and died in his tracks.

Cyrus Shackelford Irwin and Johnnie Myrtle Davis Irwin came together and made Cyrus Delma Irwin.
baby cyrus
The name Cyrus comes from the King and founder of the Perisan empire.

The final resting place for the ashes of Cyrus Delma Irwin are located in the ground at Riverside National Cemetary, Riverside, California, Section 55-A, site 2996.
Near the first of April 2004, a permanent metal marker on a granite base will be inscribed with Cyrus Delma Irwin's pertinent military information.
Should you ever wish to visit the site, you will know where to look.
There is a "Tree Of Remembrance" inside the main building with gold leafs inscribed with loving memory information of one's choosing.
For a donation, you can have your name, a message, and the Chief Warrant Officer 3, Cyrus Delma Irwin, UASF.

Charles D. Irwin has the history of the 3 brass casings, symbolizing the three rifle volleys fired for a 21 gun salute.
Roman soldiers honored their dead by casting earth upon the grave of a departed warrior and uttering FAREWELL 3 times.
Three cheers were shouted during the Crusades to honor those departing for battle.
Today, the three volleys fired by a military funeral detail stir deep emotion signifying the passing of an honored comrade.
Lucille had the American flag presented to her.

Charles has a copy of an article with a photograph of Cyrus as he points to one of the first Sun City residents Purple Heart Veteran License plates in California. Issue # 0811PH.

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