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Ecuador is a mind blowing place to paddle!

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san rafael falls

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los rios de Ecuador
los rios de Ecuador

Ecuadorian Rivers Institute
The massive Andean Cordillera gives birth to Ecuadors incredible and diverse rivers that carve their way to the ocean through deep canyons, gorges, jungles and valleys, yielding hundreds of miles of kick ass whitewater.
Ecuador envelopes most of the headwaters of the Amazon river - resulting in one of the highest concentrations of rivers per square mile in the world!
Add into the mix: warm tropical waters, year-round flows, good access to paddling in the Amazonian jungle and you've got the worlds greatest whitewater environment.
The rios of Ecuador can experience fluctuations at any time, so be prepared.
Kayaking in the Quijos Valley / Near Baeza  ( 4,000' ~ 7,000' Elevation)
the rare Quijos kitty kat
Rio Quijos
Class III~V

6,000' elevation
colder air and water temps
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From its birth as a small glacial creek on the flanks of Antisana Volcano to become a huge river deep in the Amazon basin,
the Quijos river has over 70 miles of spectacular whitewater. Fewer bugs, cooler air temps and less humidity.
The upper runs are continuous, steep, and technical while play spots and big rapids abound the lower canyons.
Rio Quijos Runs:
Chaco Canyon columnar basalt chaco canyon
-El Cacho Canyon Run (ClassIV-) remote, sceenic basalt canyon - Bigger rapids.
left channel above pica piedra rapid
-Bridge#2 (Class IV) continuous, joins the Cosanga River 2/3 way through this run
-Sardinas to Bom Bon (Class IV) big water pool-drop river, beautiful canyons, two scouts
-Bom Bon to Salado (Class IV) playful big water, two scouts, Class III to I as run finishes through virgin rain forest and waterfalls.

Rio Cosanga
Class III+ ~ IV+
main tributary of Rio Quijos
south of Baeza on the way to Tena
Mary D, rockin on the Cosanga cosanga
Town Run - (Class III+) tight and technical run with one portage
Experience lava cliffs, remote, lush rainforests, tropical birds and waterfalls hundreds of feet high while you paddle this river's three wonderfully technical runs. This tributary of the Rio Quijos holds unique geology and unique character.
Rio Jatunyacu

Class III~V

big water

great play!

pool drop rapids

laguna creek Surfing Laguna Falls Hole on the Jatunyacu
Rio Jatunyacu is a big volume, clear water river. 
The calm pools between big rapids allow plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent rainforest and Andean Mountain views. 
big rapids on the Jatunyacu
Brad in Hatless HoleHatless Hole living up to its name
Lunch at the Hatless Hole- view upstream
Misahuallí River
Class IV~V
one hour from Tena
continuous ClassIV gorge

mid Oct ~ mid March

Ecuadorean creekin at its best!
one portage

putin downriver view before rain after rain
Rio Misahuallí
-a bustling and somewhat remote river at the juncture of the rivers Napo and Misahuallí.
misahualli river
ecuadorian kids at the putin matt terry
Jungle Adventures
Downriver on the Rio Napo
The rare Ecuadorian Gringo Monkey
jungle monkey
Jungle Orchid  
Flowers of Ecuador
wow flower another wow flower
Butterflies (mariposas )
mariposas del ecuador ooooh flower
The Ayahuasca Vine
ayahuasca vine